Thursday, 27 March 2008

Cool Stuff - Online Comic Programme!

Hope you are enjoying the hols! I've found a cool programme that lets you build your own comics. You can see my first attempt on this page. Have a go yourself at

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Monday, 17 March 2008

Year 6 - Bonnet Parade

Please ensure you have prepared your Easter bonnet for the parade on Wednesday.

Click here for some instructions about how to make your bonnet.

P.S. Please bring in any finished slippers you've taken home for our display.

Year Five Comprehension - Questions asking 'Is this amusing?'

L.O. To understand that questions asking 'Is this amusing?' require one to discuss the author's techniques.

A question the Grumpy Examiner loves to throw in is:

Do you find the passage amusing? Why?

There are some tips on answering questions like this at my comprehension advice site - click here. You''ll also find it useful to consider the Golden Rules of Comedy:

Golden Rule of Comedy #1 – Pomposity (Pompous = self-important)

Golden Rule of Comedy #2 – Exaggeration

Golden Rule of Comedy # 3 – Puns, Wordplay and Alliteration

1. Complete the 11+ past paper. Make sure you P-E-E! Due: Tuesday.
Remember our golden rules of comedy when answering question 6 on the 11+ paper!

2. Go onto your wiki page and ensure that you leave a line between, or indent, direct speech on your 'Snake' story.

P.S. We'll begin to record your comprehension podcast tomorrow! Cool!

School Magazine - Year Six Activity Page

Use the links below to help create the content for the Year Six fun activity page.


Make your own crossword - click here.

Make your own wordsearch and wordjumble games - click here.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Friday, 14 March 2008

Year Six Homework: Farewell Letter

Please write a finished first draft of your farewell letter for the school magazine. Remember to consider the following ideas:

- Joining FSG
- Early memories
- Funny moments
- Memorable lessons
- Trips and Residential Weeks
- Plays
- What will you miss about FSG?
- What are you looking forward to doing at your next school
- Thank you!

Remember that this will be read by hundreds of parents, so take care with your prose style - don't forget semi-colons, colons, brackets, dashes, impact sentences and the 'messi wiggle'!

Year 5 Fiction - Snake...with Suspense and Action

L.O. To ensure that suspense and action are included in a short story.

Task: You are going to redraft your 'Snake!' story on the 'spy' wiki page, making sure you have responded to my comments on your first draft.

Feeling clever? Try to include the bracketing comma for names and interjections.

This is the last section of our suspense and action work, so you need to ensure this is your very best work, as I'll be adding an 'assessment comment' to the page before we lock it. You'll only get a good comment if you've made sure you've included suspense and action techniques!

You should also take this opportunity to read through the Easter holdiay homework so you can ask any questions on Monday. Click here for the homework page.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Year 5 Homework - Revising Planing Techniques

L.O. To revise brainstorming and developing an idea into a full plan

On Friday we're going to look again at 'Snake', focussing on how we need to plan for the inclusion of suspense and action.

Please read the sections at on brainstorming ideas in an exam and 'from an idea to a plan'. You need to know this info like the back of your hand, so memorise as much as possible of the advice. We'll discuss what you've remembered on Friday.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Year 5 Comprehension - The Author's use of Repetition

L.O. To revise the author's use of repetition

Authors deliberately repeat words and phrases to make a point - and you are often asked questions about why they choose to do this in the 11+ examinations.

Please complete the 'Caution: Deadly Spirits' 11+ comprehension.

Learn more about this at my comprehension advice site by clicking here.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Year 5 Prose Style - Using the Different Comma Types

L.O. To use the different types of comma in a single piece of writing.

Write another playscript - this time an argument between three of the characters from Peter Pan. Write one side of A4. The challenge is to use three different types of comma

- The listing comma
- The joining comma
- The bracketing comma

Don't forget to put a key at the top of the page, and use different coloured pens for each of the different types of comma.

Feeling clever? Try including the adverb-starter comma, too!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Year 4 - Describing Our Palaces

L.O. To include a metaphor in a location description.

You've designed some brilliant Palaces for the Queen of the Blazing World. In class, we began to describe them, but we only concentrated on using metaphor.

Homework: There are two parts to the homework:

1. Complete the 'Metaphor' sheet we began in class - come up with 7 or 8 metaphors to describe your palace.

2. Then write a full description of your palace, using the five senses, colours and similes - and make sure you've included at least one metaphor from the list you began in class!

Download and print another copy of our 'Metaphor Game' by clicking here.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Year 5 Homework - Comprehension & 'Snake'

1. L.O. To revise making a list of characters when faced with a complex passage

Please complete the 'Evelyn Waugh' comprehension for tomorrow morning. Remember to use all our annotation strategies before you begin writing - and don't forget to underline the key words!

Due: Friday

2. L.O. To assess the use of suspense and action techniques.

Please write the 'Snake' story you planned at home onto A4 paper. Time yourself: stop at exactly 30 minutes. Click here for an online stopclock. Don't forget the objective: write a story that includes both suspense and action techniques. You can get another copy of the original assessment sheet through at the 'Spy' page on the pupil wiki.

Due: Monday

On Monday we'll begin recording our comprehension strategy podcast, so this is your last chance to add to your podcast script.

P.S. I've discovered a brilliant web site - a dictionary of difficult words! Click here to learn more!

Enjoy the Beatles trip tomorrow!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

World Book Day!

Thursday is World Book Day! What better way to celebrate than hunkering down with a good book? Visit for a list of brilliant books that Falcons girls love!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Year 5 Homework - Redraft Comprehension Podcast Scripts

Over the next two nights you are going to redraft your script for the comprehension techniques pupil podcast. Decide with your partner who is going to do it tonight, and who is going to work on it tomorrow.

Go to to the 'Year 5 comprehension podcast area of our pupil wiki by clicking here, and read my comments on your script in the discussion area.

Then redraft your script, improving it based on my suggestions. Visit 'How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Comprehension' for top tips!

Don't forget, the best way to learn something is often to try and teach it to someone else, because you have to think through the ideas.

Listen to the Puffin Classics Podcast!

Puffin have a new series of classic books out - and they've made a special podcast to celebrate. Click here to listen!