Tuesday, 29 November 2011

100 Word Challenge (Week 11)

Most of this week's entries can be found on the Quadblog - http://kidblog.org/FalconsGirls - but Katie couldn't get on, so this can be read below:

The sea was too hard to please – rocks crushed fine, golden and warm sand, yet it washed the sand away. Sun planted healthy, brown and green spiky-leaved palm trees on its bay, yet the sea, again, flooded the shore when the tide came in, it’s beautiful sapphire waves thrashing the unwanted nature. The sea seemed so angry, even when it was given popularity as tourist visitors flashed their cameras and swam until their worries were washed away. Then, again, the sea would drown them in three, powerful gulps like an annoyed lion, trying to get rid of a useless cub.

Molly'a entry is here:

I was worried - incredibly worried!

I have always wanted to look my best, as I was bullied once; I was bullied about looking horrible in our school photo. They said it was because I'm ugly and that my tightly pulled back greasy brown hair did not help my hard face. After that, I went up to my teacher to try and get some reassurance, but all he said - disinterestdly - was that I looked beautiful. Then he walked away. Since that day, I have always been camera shy.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Thank You for Commenting on Our Blogs, Quad 91

Thank you for commenting, Quad 91! Our commenting focus now turns to Byron Primary!


1. Visit http://byronbloggers.primaryblogger.co.uk/ and leave some positive comments, using the 'Two Stars and a Wish' method. You may also ask questions.

Remember, don't write anything you wouldn't say in class!

2. Please complete the description homework.

Year Five: Describe the home left behind by an evacuee; focus on your use of colour.

Year Six:
a. Plan a longer description of a ghostly mansion.
b. Write the first two paragraphs. Use varied sentence openers.

Redrafting using the Mitford Method

Year Six
Please redraft - rewrite - your 11+ mock story. Write a complete second draft. Aim to improve in all four ideas we've discussed:
* Plotting
* Prose Style (use of punctuation and different sentence types)
* Use of description techniques
* Use of characterisation techniques
* Presentation

Due: Tuesday

Year Five
Please complete the 'Evacuee' comprehension

Due: Friday

Friday, 25 November 2011

Flipped Classroom & The 100 Word Challenge

Well done, Year Six, for your super work in the mock examination.

A special double challenge this weekend:

Complete the 100 Word challenge for this week: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/
; this week I want you to post it to your Quadblogging page: http://kidblog.org/FalconsGirls/wp-login.php?loggedout=true

Let's see if we can get someone in next week's showcase!

P.S. Next week we're going to be commenting on the blog of Bryron Primary in Croydon: http://byronbloggers.primaryblogger.co.uk/

Year Six

Year Six are going to be learning all about 'longer descriptions' next week. I want you to complete the following 'flipped classroom' work:

a. Watch the following Bald Worm video mini-guide on how to write a longer description

b. Listen to the Bald Worm podcast on writing a longer description(Why not download this and stick it on your iPod?)

c. Watch this video on figurative language (Why not learn the words, too?)

d. Complete the 'Flipped Classroom' pack:

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Questions about Similes and Metaphors in Comprehensions

Please complete the 'questions about similes and metaphor' pack.

Due: Friday.

Apostrophe Song and St. Paul's Past Paper

1. Learn the words to Tom Lehrer's 'N'-Apostrophe-'T' song by heart. Test on Friday!

2. Please complete the second section of the St. Paul's paper; try writing under timed conditions.

Due: Friday.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Zahra's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Enjoy Zahra's Week 10 Entry:

...as I turned around it changed shape...

I looked again, and there I saw it - a black haired, green-eyed creature staring at me with anger. He came forward and forward until...


I ran and ran, but he grabbed and pulled.

“AAAAHHH! Please don’t hurt me!” I ran free.

I hurried and hurried.

Suddenly, I heard a fall. It was the creature who almost killed me...and I knew that this street was haunted.

Samar's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 10)

Enjoy Samar's entry:

“Help me!”I cried out.

As I turned around it changed a shape that I had never seen before. A green slimy alien approached me with its dirty fingernails! His gooey body made me feel sick, like I had a tummy bug.

I actually realised he was quite funny. I started to giggle. As soon as I started laughing, he growled even more than he did before.

I suddenly stopped. We just stared at each other. For a minute, I strangely thought he was going to let me go, but I knew that wouldn't happen.

I didn’t know why he chose me.

Please click on 'comments' and leave Samar some praise & constructive criticism.

We're Quadblogging!

We're quadblogging! You can view our personal blogs - and leave a comment - at http://kidblog.org/falconsgirls (our special Quadblogging site). You can learn more about Quadblogging at the Quadblogging wiki: http://quad91.wikispaces.com

Please note that all posts are moderated by Mr Hitchen before being published on the blog.

Year Five Homework
Please write a War Horse Action Scene for inclusion on your Quad blog! Please use all of the action techniques.

Due: Tuesday.

Year Six
Please complete the 'Monster' gothic comprehension.

Due: Friday

All of last week's comprehensions due tomorrow, please!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dani's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 10)

Enjoy Dani's 100 Word Challenge Entry:

As I turned round it changed shape and I saw the furriest creature waiting right in front of me. I froze.

Teeth began to grow, as sharp as a knife. Fingernails began to grow the size of a mammal, dirty and sharp.

“What is going on?”

His eyes turned black, a midnight horror. He was yelping through the pain in his body. There was no stopping it. The Thing put his head in his hands. Dog howling it wasn’t! It is a werewolf changing right in front of me.

How could this be? I'd known this kid since the day I was born...

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Cia's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 10)

Enjoy Cia's entry

As I turned around, it changed shape. The diamond had transformed from a cuboid to a prism, which meant that this dazzling jewel was about to be abducted from the museum. Because I was the only one who knew this, I stayed as close as I could to this beguiling jewel, which was lying carelessly unaware of what its fate held.

Without warning, a group of thugs came in, each wearing a red and black hoodie. They cascaded in, dodged the alarm system, smashed the glass and grabbed the diamond. Because I'm a guard, they just knocked me out...

Why not leave Cia some words of praise and constructive criticism?

Katie's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 10)

Enjoy Katie's entry:

As I turned around it changed shape... the shadow seemed to twitch, then grew larger and larger as I stared harder and harder. I saw its neck grow taller and taller until it loomed above me, enveloping me in the dark forces of the night and stealing my courage until I was nothing but a whimpering puppy, too scared to see the true horrors of what had cast the shadow...  
    A colossal, distorted figure, its cold, unloved and lonely eyes glared deep into my own and I felt hypnotised by the thing’s skin. Thin, bedraggled, hanging rags are the only words that could describe it...

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Friday, 18 November 2011

100 Word Challenge Year Five

Year Five are entering this week's 100 word challenge!

Please write your 100 words and email them to me by midnight on Monday.

You can read other entries here.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Frankenstein Aurasma! Year Six Action Techniques Revision

We have been learning all about action scenes!
Task: Please write a full length story - Frankenstein versus the Wolfman - making sure that you include an action scene. Write 10 lines. Don't forget you can download this podcast for your iPod or mp3 player, too - so you can revise on the bus!

Welcome to Quad 91 (Quadblogging)!

We're taking part in an international quadblogging project!
Welcome to Quad 91 (mp3)
What is quadblogging?

The Falcons School for Girls is quadblogging with three schools:
Byron Primary (Croydon, London)
Cornelia Elementary (United States)
McKeel Elementary (United States)

Year Four, Five and Six will be blogging right here, on the Bald Worm blog. There is a special wiki about this project - the Quad 91 blog - here: http://quad91.wikispaces.com/

Will I receive any comments?
Oh, yes! You'll receive lots of comments from the Byron, Cornelia and McKeel pupils!
The Three Golden Rules of Quadblogging (mp3)

How old are the pupils?
Your age!

Will anybody right anything...you know...mean?

No. Don't worry - the teachers in the other schools will make sure their pupils obey the three golden rules of quadblogging, and all comments will be moderated by Mr Hitchen before you'll read them.

When do we start?
Next week!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Year Six Comprehension

1. All remaining 100 word challenge entries in by 9.00 p.m. Tonight, please

2. Please complete the 'Butterfly Frolic' comprehension

Due: Friday

Monday, 14 November 2011

Year Five Simile Poems

Year Five created animals...using similes!

Click to watch Dani's ShowMe:

Alex's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I put my hand in a box and...

I rustled around to find a long lost charm from a friend when I was thirteen. The charm was a silver heart, but it has a deep scratch across. The charm twinkled like a star shining in the night’s sky. I remember the strange girl who I'd met every day throughout the summer in the woods. One day she gave it to me; the next day she had disappeared, never to be seen again.

I still can’t believe she left without a word...

I asked around our neighbourhood, but no one had heard of her! Anna was a mystery...

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Molly's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I put my hand in the box and felt.

What would I feel?

Would it be a sudden sharp feeling that throbbed for days, or a nice sort of feeling, like the touch of candy floss?

My heart plunged down into darkness!

Suddenly, my hand was in the most excruciating pain I had ever come across in my life - ever.

Screaming, I tried to pull my hand out, but the thing inside wasn't letting go.

I could feel the blood trickling down.

My curiosity had got the better of me. I had been stupid! So stupid...

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Anastasia's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I, Tom, put my hand in the box and felt something rough, something round like a football (at least that’s what I could tell.) Suddenly, a shoulder nudged me a cold shiver trickled down my spine. Frightened, I glanced behind but saw nothing – nothing, but heard the loud cheering which made my ears ring from the cacophony. My heart performed back flips and landed in my stomach. I began to sweat like I was competing in the Olympics; although, I was trembling. My hand was still in the box – but now there was nothing in there. In stupefied astonishment I was moving my hand in every little corner: left, right, up and down.

“Where did it vanish and how?” I thought to myself.

A creepy shadow, which was formed in the gloom beneath, kicked the ball it seemed as if it was coming towards me- I had no time to move
Was it the same ball that was in the box a moment ago?

I found myself collapsed on the soft floor spitting out blood and a filling. Googly eyed, I looked around and saw the same shadow coming towards me again.


I opened my bloodshot eyes and tried to untangle myself from the net – but I couldn’t, I was stuck to the floor like glue! I swallowed and screamed.

Then I found myself in a field with the football team.

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Holly's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I put my hand in the box and felt nothing but air. Nothing but emptiness.

I felt again. Nothing. Just smooth cardboard. I smelt it – but the fumes were like fresh paint and I quickly withdrew.
Panicking, I shook the empty creature hard: something had to be there! It needed to be there... I wanted it to be there.

“I know you’re in here!” I shouted, flipping the box upside down.

“Darling?” I turned round to see my mum, looking confused at my frustrated demeanour.

“What’s in the box?” I screamed.

“What box?”

I turned round...but it had gone.

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Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I put my hand into the box and felt something tiny, hard, sharp - a scorpion!

“I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” I yelled. The other smug celebs laughed uncontrollably.

Week two: at least I’d beaten Harry Hill!

I was glad to be going. Most contestants cry when they leave; I was beaming. The others acted badly using their performing skills, trembling, wailing, tantrums. I`m an author; you’ve probably never seen me. I wrote The Chase, noir stories, adventures. I’m very young to be writing – ten.

The helicopter arrived: more cameras and pleading journalists. They tried to interview me; I just ignored them.

People of the nation: when interviewing, please be creative with your questions!

Please leave Olivia a comment by clicking on 'comments' below.

Liberty's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

“Put your hand in the box, go on,” she said. Her hair glistened as my torch light hit; her sapphire eyes turned purple with exasperation.

My hand hesitated while my heart joined the circus, leaping and plummeting about.

“Don’t trust her,” yelled a voice in my head.

I took a deep breath, and plunged my hand in.

It scuttled around and found a scrap of paper. I pulled it out and read it:
Bump off my husband or else.

“Why me?“

"Because I want you to marry me,” she replied.

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House of Adjectives

What have we been doing? (mp3)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Flipped Classroom: Gothic Stories

What are we learning in the Gothic Stories unit? by baldworm

Task: 1. Please click on the following links:
Listen to the podcasts on Action Techniques & Planning a Longer description
Watch the video on action techniques
Watch the video on planning a longer description

2. Please create a MindMap, showing the techniques you've learnt by studying the podcasts & videos. I've started an example here:

Due: Friday

Questions about Similes

Questions about similes can be tricky to answer in 11+ examination, but if you follow this method you'll be sure to win full marks:

The girls in Year Five created their own explanation of how to answer questions about similes. You can view these on our LP+ VLE!

Homework: Please complete the WWII comprehension.
Due: Friday.

The Flipped Classroom
Tomorrow, we're going to revise 'setting the scene' as we redraft our War Horse-inspired stories. To prepare:

1. Please listen to the Bald Worm podcast:

2. Watch the Bald Worm video mini-guide

(D-Day image taken from http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/the_war_ends/teachers_resources.shtml)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Wrestling with a Verb

Year Five demonstrate this brilliant game, which helps us think about using 'powerful' verbs in our stories!

Falcons girls: visit the Wrestling on a Verb page on our VLE.

Download a copy of the rules for playing Wrestling with a Verb! Why not play at home?

Adjective Battle & 100 Word Challenge Advice

We've been Adjective Battling (to Run D.M.C.)!

Task: Please draft, redraft (using the 'Mitford Method'), type up and email me your entry to this week's 100 Word Challenge, making sure that you write a 'perfect paragraph':

Some advice on entering the 100 word challenge:

'The Mitford Method' for redrafting a short story:

Year Five War Horse & 100 Word Challenge

Listen to Michael Morpurgo reading an extract from War Horse: http://soundcloud.com/harpercollinschildrens/michael-morpurgo-war-horse-extract

1. 'Learn again' by listening to my teacher podcast on action techniques:

Watch the Bald Worm video on action techniques:

2. Please complete your first draft of your 'War Horse' story. Write 1 1/2 sides of A4.

3. Please complete the 'self-assessment for self-improvement' sheet:

Due: Monday

Optional: Enter the 100 Word Challenge! You'll love the positive feedback!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Well done, Year Six!

Well done to all the girls who entered the 100 word challenge!
You have received so many positive comments - & there is nothing like knowing people are reading & enjoying your stories to spur you on to improve and write more.

A special well done to Liberty, who had her 'Red' piece showcased on the 100 Word Challenge blog: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/100-word-challenge-week9/

I can't wait to see what you come up with this week!

Want to learn more about writing a brilliant short story in the 11+ examinations? Visit http://www.baldworm.co.uk

Teachmeet London Presentation: Flippin' Homework

My explanation of the 'flipped homework' model:
Flippin" Homework (mp3)

Listen to an example of how you can share the W.A.L.T./learning objective in advance of the lesson:
Example of Sharing Learning Object in Advance of Lesson (mp3)

Example of 'Flipped' homework:
You are going to 'pre-learn' for the lesson on 'questions about figurative language' next Monday!

1. Please identify the similes and metaphors; please complete the sheet!

How many did you spot? Add some similes you've heard - or your parents can remember - to our wall:

2. Musical Learning
Sing along to this rap:
Listen & Sing Along
Why not learn the words 'by heart'? [words given out in class]
(Credit: video created by Wizard101FanCom)

3. Listen before next Monday's lesson.

4. What questions do you have about similes? Add them to the wall and I'll answer them during Monday's lesson.

Four Key Tools
To flip your homework, you'll need to learn four key tools:
* YouTube or TeacherTube for uploading demonstratings;
* Audioboo or Soundcloud for uploading podcasts;
* The ShowMe iPad app for uploading whiteboard demonstrations;
* Box.net for sharing your learning intentions.

At Falcons Girls, we use the LP+ VLE, but a teacher without access to a learning platform could use Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress to flip their homework (I love the way Tumblr makes it easy to record and publish podcasts).

ShowMe demonstration

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Watch our Action Verb Animations!

Watch Year Five Action Verb videos on our LP+ VLE (password required).

Powerful Verbs Wallwisher

Visit our 'powerful verbs' page on our LPPlus VLE here.

Please look up and three more powerful verbs you don't know to our wall. Look up the meaning of the synonym with a dictionary if you're not sure!

Due: Friday

The Mitford Method for Redrafting a Story

Year Six

Mr Hitchen is Away (mp3)

Please redraft - improve - your 'timed writing' Noir 'The Chase' story, using the Mitford Method.

Due: Friday

If you are part of the Falcons Family you can access resources - including podcasts, games and videos - on Noir stories here:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Anastasia's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We're entering the 100 Word Challenge; this week's theme is red.

Enjoy Anastasia's entry:

Once I was a tomato, sitting in a freezing fridge, fussing.

Stretching, I woke up and found myself sweating; however, I was in North Pole. Suddenly, I realised that I was no longer in the red sea of tomatoes, but sitting on a table. My seeds performed back flips and landed in my core. An enormous hand towered above me, snatched me - and placed me in the MIXER. 

I watched in stupefied astonishment as the knife sliced into me. By now I wasn’t just in half and in a mixer, but spread all across French fries.

I was ketchup!  

Please click on 'comments' and add your words of praise - and some constructive criticism.

Liberty's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We are taking part in the 100 Word Challenge; this week's theme is red.

Who else floats around in space?
Drifting.  Just Drifting,
Moons dance around you.
Why can't I move out of this cage of orbit?
No one can.
If I did, it  would be the end of the world, my world,
Not anyone else's.
Bumps on my surface, all a dusty red.
So far away from the sun 
Only a glimmer of warmth reaches me,
Not enough.
I used to have flowing rivers,
Now they've stopped.
I might have had life,
If I did,
It's dead now.
I'm desolate
Who wouldn't be?
If they were

Please click on 'comments' and add your praise and constructive criticism. Why not use the 'two stars and a wish' method?

Katie's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We are entering the 100 Word Challenge; this week's title is red.

Enjoy Katie's entry:

Men begin running away from raging lions of light. Their worried yet delighted faces gawp as the lion roars through the sky. It explodes. Red everywhere, swirls of gold, but fizzes mostly of red. A fire banging in the sky: the Kings of the Jungle angrily soaring, red explosions reaching higher and higher as their tails are lit. The bonfire is on, yellow and red flames dancing wildly as they creep towards the stuffed figure of a man with a scarlet neckerchief. 


More animals - and now flying fish, gently cracking as they jump out of the sea of red fire.

Please click on 'comments' to praise and add constructive criticism. Why not use the 'two stars and a wish' method?

Holly's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Holly has entered the 100 Word Challenge; this week's title was Red.

“It’s yours now...”

I stared at my hands.

A small ring lay nestled in my palms. It was so beautiful. The ring of silver was cold and the word ‘heirloom’ was engraved into it elaborately. But the most dazzling thing about my mother’s ring was that a large ruby had been set into it.

As I gazed at the gem, sun broke through the curtains, and the ruby gave off a fiery red shadow onto the walls. It glinted and I got the feeling it was winking at me.

Then I saw mother looking. Waiting for me to put it on.
Please leave a comment! Click on 'comments'; don't forget to offer a mix of praise of constructive criticism!

Questions about 'Sentences Which You Think Are Particularly Striking' and 'Vivid Language'

One of the trickiest questions you can face in an 11+ comprehension examination is:

'Underline or highlight a sentence which you think is particularly striking', and explain why you like it.'

and 'Copy down an example of vivid language and explain carefully why it is effective.'

Watch this teacher ShowMe to learn the best way to win full marks for these questions!

1. Please email me with your entries to the 100 Word Challenge; don't forget to comment on Molly & Amy's entries!

2. Please complete the 'Underwater Tunnel' suspense comprehension

Due: Friday.

Cia's won an audiobooyay!

An 'audiobooyay!' is a quick podcast celebrating your learning. Today, Cia won an audiobooyay for work on Mathletics. Please listen to the audiobooyay - and why not leave a comment celebrating her achievement?

Cia wins an Audiobooyay! (mp3)

The Flipped Classroom: Questions about Figurative Language

You are going to 'pre-learn' for the lesson on 'questions about figurative language' next Monday!

1. Please identify the similes and metaphors; please complete the sheet!

How many did you spot?

2. Musical Learning
Sing along to this rap:
Listen & Sing Along
Why not learn the words 'by heart'?
(Credit: video created by Wizard101FanCom)

3. Listen before next Monday's lesson

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Amy's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Enjoy Amy's entry, a prose poem, below:

Ketchup, oh ketchup, I cannot explain  how much I love you! You explode in my mouth like a thousand fireworks going off on bonfire night! Ketchup, I have you at breakfast oozing out of my bacon butty. You’re with me at lunchtime hiding away in my lunch box safe and sound.  

You’re here with me at dinnertime helping me to eat all those horrible greens! Ketchup, oh ketchup, I love you! 

Please click on 'comment' to add your words of praise and constructive criticism. You may like to use the 'Two Stars and a Wish' method, e.g.

I like/love...
I like/love...
I wish you had...

All comments are moderated by Mr. Hitchen.

Molly's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Molly was the first to send me her entry for the 100 Word Challenge. This week's challenge was based on the title Red.

Enjoy her entry, a poem, below:

He was lying there, blood around him, blood on him, blood in him.

Just plain old him, but not breathing, not moving, not even there.

His rifle lay on his torn, stained red shirt. 

His legs were sprawled and twisted like old, shrivelled up branches.

His bright blond hair had been turned brown by the watery mud and his dazzling blue eyes remained open filled with tears.

Please click on 'comment' to add your words of praise and constructive criticism. You may like to use the 'Two Stars and a Wish' method, e.g.

I like/love...
I like/love...
I wish you had...

All comments are moderated by Mr. Hitchen.

Friday, 4 November 2011

100 Word Challenge & Weekend Homework

100 Word Challenge
I want as many of you as possible to enter the 100 word challenge. Click here to learn more!
All entries will be posted on this blog and linked to the 100 Word Challenge page for the world to enjoy!

This week's prompt is the title Red.

Click here to read an example from another school.

Year Six Homework
Please complete the final 'Noir fiction pack task', combining suspense with Noir slang.

Due: Monday

Year Five Homework
You have been learning to write action scenes.

Task: Rewrite your Captain America versus Hitler scene, making sure you have included lots of powerful verbs

Due: Monday

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Lewton Bus & Dulce Et Decorum Est

Year Six
Please write a second draft of your 'Lewton Bus' scene; write 1/2 page. Watch the scene again here: http://youtu.be/kXvG0E3s4wo

If you have a moment, take a look at the national hundred word challenge website: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/100-word-challenge-week-7-2/

P.S. Alex and then Molly need to add their contributions to the class 'Pickwick' wiki story.

Year Five
Year Five
Please complete your 'Trench' poem

Due: Friday