Thursday, 29 September 2011

Learn Again: What's the Suspense Technique Mr. Wolf & Weekend Homework

**Year Five**
Please complete your second draft of your 'Entering the Enemy's Lair' suspense story. Make sure you include all of Bald Worm's suspense techniques.

Due: Monday

**Year Six**
1. Finish your 'murder mystery' story.

2. Using the Mitford Method, please redraft your Mystery story. Make sure you write a cracking first 15 lines, with a focus on achieving level five on the punctuation pyramid.

Due: Monday

Monday, 26 September 2011

Vuxox for Education: Planning a Mystery Story

Year Six
Please complete the first draft of your 'Mystery' story.

Don't forget, you can play the 'Planning a Mystery Story' Vuvox through, or click on the glowing green 'hot spots' to listen to my advice.

How else could we use Vuvox in class?

Due: Friday.

Year Five
Please complete the first draft of your 'Into the Enemy's Lair' secret spy base suspense story. Don't forget to include suspense techniques:

More videos and podcasts can be found for this unit at

Due: Friday

The Inference Song! Learn the words by heart!

Year Six1. Why not learn this song 'by heart'? Download a copy of the words here:

2. Please complete the 'Clare on the bus' comprehension. Remember to think about the author's use of contrast in this passage.

Due: Friday

Year Five
Please complete the Jane Blonde comprehension, using the P-E-E approach. Don't forget you can listen to the 'Bald Worm on figurative language' mp3 podcast at the Falcons School for Girls pupil wiki:

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dinner Table Debate: What is the difference between 'Pretending' and 'Lying'?

Sit down with your family and discuss our new 'dinner table debate' question - 'What is the difference between 'pretending' and 'lying'?' Post your answer to the Wallwisher above. There is a house point for every contribution - and the best comment will receive a (small) prize during our celebration assembly on Friday!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Year Five & Six Weekend Homework

Year Five & Six Weekend Homework
 Daunt Books Competition First Draft by baldworm Write your first draft of your story for the Daunt Books competition:
* It is just your first draft, so write it in your blue Composition book;
* I'll comment, and then you can type up your entry next week;
* Don't worry about the address and email business - we'll send the story in for you via the school email.

You may write on any title...but if you're stuck, why not try the title Daunted. Lost your form? The entry forms are here.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Year Five and Six Composition Homework (Tuesday 20th September 2011)

Year Five
Please write a second draft of the suspense scene you wrote in class. Try to include the listing and joining comma, too!

Due: Friday

Year Six
Please complete the first 15 lines of your Holmes and Watson 'locked room' story.
Due: Friday 

Year Five and Six Comprehension Homework (Monday 19th September 2011)

Year Five
We've been learning the P-E-E song. Click here for the video and lyrics!

Homework: Please complete the 'spy falling' comprehension

P.S. Why not put this podcast on your iPod, too, so you can prepare for our 'Spy' unit:

Year Six
Please complete the Sherlock boarding school past paper.

Watch the 'Figurative Language' song and reread the advice on answering questions about figurative language:

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Year Five & Six Weekend Composition Homework

Year Five
1. Please complete the 'planning for conflict' work we've started in class. Due: Monday 2. Don't forget to work on your secret spy hq!

Year Six
Please write the first 15 lines of a story where Watson first meets Sherlock. P.S. Why not download this podcast - on writing the first 15 lines of a short story - and listen to it before you start writing? Just click on the icon to download to your computer: Due: Monday

Monday, 12 September 2011

Year Five and Six Prose Homework (Tuesday 13th September)

Year Six Prose Homework Please write a description of the headquarters of the Red-Headed League. Include at least two semi-colons. Write 8-10 lines. Feeling clever? Include a colon, too. Year Five Prose Homework (Using the Listing Comma) Please write a description of the school, using the listing comma, e.g. In Year Five there are blue chairs, several top-of-the-range Apple laptops and a collection of multicoloured pencils. Due: Friday

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Comprehension: Year Six & Year Five homework

Year Five
Please complete the 'Bond in the Market' comprehension; don't forget to use quotes from the passage - evidence - to prove your points:

Due: Friday

Year Six
Please complete the 'Willie and the Bone' comprehension. Don't forget to think about Willie's character.
Revise what we learnt by discussing the 'Dallas & Florida comprehension by listening to the downloading this 'Talking Comprehension' podcast on Contrast: Due: Friday.

(Image via ComicsAlliance)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Year Six Redrafting Using the Mitford Method

In class you wrote the first draft of a story under timed, examination conditions, based on an image from Chris Priestley's 'Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror'.

Task: Redraft your story using the 'Mitford Method'. Make as many improvements as possible, please.

Due: Monday.

Feeling clever? Try to write a distinctive story:

Fun extension task:
Produce a piece of artwork based on the original cover of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror.

Year Five Weekend Homework: Planning from a picture & Building a Spy Base!

Create your own video slideshow at

1. In class we learnt about hand plans.

Your task is to create a colourful, neat hand plan for display in the classroom, based on one of the pictures in the hand plan pack. Make sure you include both your brainstorm and the plan itself. Remember, keep it simple!

Due: Monday

2. Spy Base
In a couple of weeks you are beginning your Spy unit. We are going to write suspense scenes set in your secret spy base. Learn more about suspense here.

Novelists often use models to help them 'picture' a location in their imagination (a bit like playing in a doll house!); I would like you to design and build a secret hq for an evil spy master!

Build a model of a secret hq. Here are some of the things you could include:

* Banks of computer screens
* A giant map of the world
* Secret doors or compartments
* Torture chamber (yuck!)
* Sharks!
* Henchmen/goons
* Evil pets
* Rockets
* Dwarf servant
* Desk
* Armchair with buttons

How you build the model is up to you! Here are some of the materials you might choose to use:
* Cardboard boxes painted over
* Sticky-back plastic
* Wood
* Paper mashed and glued
* Washing up bottles
* Model Paint

This video will give you some ideas (don't make Tracy Island, though! Just use the same techniques!)

Hint: Design the hq on paper before you start to construct it!

Be as imaginative as you can! Bring your model into when you've finished! We are going to base a series of stories in this location, so do a great job! There will be a small prize for the best model!

We'll photograph the models and stick them on the pupil wiki for the world to enjoy, and then write scenes and stories set in this location!

Due: Two weeks time.

P.S. Learn all about our suspense techniques here, or download the Bald Worm on Suspense mp3 at the 11+ revision page on the pupil wiki:

Monday, 5 September 2011

Year Five & Six Homework Tuesday 6th 2011

Year Five Homework
Please complete the Daydreamers comprehension in your purple book. Don't forget to bring it in on Friday!

Year Six Homework
Please write the first fifteen lines of one of your plans - don't forget to open with an exciting first line and 'set the scene'.

Due: Friday