Thursday, 7 July 2011

ISI Inspection Report on The Falcons School for Girls: 'West London's Most Creative Preparatory School'

The ISI inspection team that visited Falcons Girls in May and June have published their final report - and they say:

* ‘The pupils’ overall achievement is excellent’;
* ‘The pupils’ personal development is outstanding’;
* ‘Pupils attitudes to their learning are exemplary’;
* ‘The quality of governance is excellent’;
* ‘The range of cross-curricular links is excellent’;
* ‘The quality of teaching is good, and often outstanding, and caters well for all abilities and styles of learning’;
* ‘The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent’;
* ‘Moral development is excellent’;
* ‘The pupils’ social development is excellent’;
* ‘The leadership and management of the school are excellent and fulfil the school’s aim to provide a very high standard of education’;
* ‘The school has excellent links with parents and guardians’.

Judgements on the Early Years (that is Nursery and Reception)include:
* ‘The effectiveness of the provision in meeting the needs of all children is outstanding;
* ‘The effectiveness of the leadership and management [of the EYFS] is outstanding;
* ‘The quality of the [EYFS] provision is outstanding;
* ‘Outcomes for all the children in the Early Years across all areas are outstanding.’

Well done, girls: you clearly impressed the inspectors! Click here to read the full report! And click here if you're a parent and you want your daughter to join 'West London's Most Creative Preparatory School'!

Goodbye and Good Luck, Year Six

What an exciting year! From 11+ to Alice in Wonderland, 'Supersonic' to our French Residential Week, we've had a fantastic year.

Well done, Year Six: you've completed your learning journey at Falcons Girls. We know you're ready for Senior School, and wish you all the best of luck! Do pop in next year to tell us how you are getting on at your next school.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Year Five Holiday Homework

Our Year Five Summer Holiday Homework is designed to prepare you for the challenge of 11+ English.

Don't forget to click on the link for 11+ revision booklets, posters and mp3 podcasts to download to your iPod!

Recommended Reading Books can be found here; Year Six topics - including Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twist, Dracula and Noir Fiction - can be found here.

Have a fantastic summer holiday - and I can't wait for the fun learning to come in 2011-12!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Year Five and Six Homework: Twitter Writing Competition Deadline

Year Five and Six HomeworkPlease give in your entry for the Twitter writing competition; deadline extended to tomorrow!

Year Five OnlyPlease complete the 'Henry Sugar' comprehension.

Due: Thursday