Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Year Four, Five & Six Easter Holiday Homework

Year Four Homework is here.

Year Five have a hard-copy pack, working on developing their use of descriptive techniques.

Year Six Homework is here.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Year Four & Five Comprehension: Considering Question Types

Task: Please complete the 'Birthday Present' comprehension here.

Due: Tuesday (because we're not at school on Friday!)

Holiday homework tomorrow!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Year Four: Exploring Themes from our Class Reader

We are reading Journey to Jo'burg, set in apartheid-era South Africa.

Homework: On piece of A4, research & produce a poster about the life of Rosa Parks (an American - not a South African). Why is she famous? What did she do? Why is it important?

You may use any media - computer, cut-and-paste, crayons - for your poster.

Start your research here.

Due: Friday

Year Six 'School of Start Ups' Project Evaluation

Please write your 'School of Start-Ups' project evaluation on an Evernote, using the class Evernote account.
No access to the internet? Type up your evaluation, save it on a USB or email it to Mr Hitchen, and we'll add it to the Evernote at school.
Due: Friday
Tag your Evernote: 'school of start ups', 'entrepreneur' and [your name]

Write 4-5 lines for each sub-heading.

Try to include all of the following key words:
  • Business
  • Entrepreneur (a person who starts a new business from scratch
  • Start-up (a new business started from scratch)
  • Investor
  • Customer
  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Product (the 'thing' you're selling)
  • Unit (one of the 'things' you are selling, e.g. we sold five units this month

1. What have you learnt about designing or inventing a new product?

2. What makes for a good business pitch? How good are you at pitching?

3. What have you learnt about the benefits (the 'good reasons to') start a business?

4. What have you learnt about the challenges (the 'problems') of starting a business?

5. How effectively did you work with your partner?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Year Four Comprehension: P-E

Please complete the comprehension.

Due: Friday.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Year Five and Six Homework: Pitch & Pompous

Year Six

If you were to buy all the ingredients for a food product and sell it to our students, what would it be?

Write a pitch for this business, using the A F.O.R.E.S.T. techniques.

Make sure it is aimed at your potential investor - I have £5 to invest in one of your businesses.

Be careful to explain exactly how you would spend my £5, e.g. you'll need to cost the ingredients you need. No borrowing from the kitchen!

Tip: Start by investigating recipies!

Write up your pitch on the VLE here.

Due: Monday

Year Five

Write a story - a pompous teacher who is taught a lesson by his pupils. Write 1 1/2 sides of A4.

Don't forget to describe the pompous teacher.

Due: Monday

Year Four Composition: Writing a Second Draft

Please write the second draft - the second 'go' - of your 'The Tunnel' story. Make sure you include lots of feelings, please.

Write 1 1/2 sides of A4.

Due: Monday

Monday, 11 March 2013

Year Five & Six Homework

Year Five
Please complete the Spy 11+ comprehension.

Due: Friday

Year Six
With your partner, build a prototype of your product for the 'School of Start Ups' project. Obviously, you'll have to use your imagination - and divide the task with them...

Bring your model/prototype next Monday.

Due: Next Monday

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Year Four Comprehension: P-E or A-Q

Please complete the new Alien comprehension, making sure you include a quote each time.

Due: Friday.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Year Five Composition Homework: Using the Colon & Semi-colon

Next week Year Five are going to start to write comic - funny - stories.

To prepare, I want you to describe five people/animals in your family.

My Dad loves watching football; I can't stand watching it. His thinning hair is white and black like a zebra. If you look closely, his nose is terribly long - like a wooden puppet - and he has huge, hairy nostrils. I love my Dad: he buys me everything I want! Ha!

Year Four Creative Writing: The Tunnel using Direct Speech

Please complete your 'The Tunnel' story.

Write 1 1/2 sides of A4.

Don't forget to indent!

Due: Monday

PowerPoint on the VLE here.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Year Four Prose Style Homework: Indent Direct Speech

Year Four have been learning to INDENT new paragraphs.

Homework: Please write a conversation between a cat and a dog. Indent all paragraphs. Write half a page.

Due: Friday.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Year Four Comprehension: Story with a Dilemma

We read a story with a dilemma - and thought about how to open our comprehension answers:
• Never begin with he/she/it
• Always begin with a proper noun, e.g. Bob
• If you don’t, it can be really confusing
• Don’t start with ‘Well’
• Don’t start with ‘I think…’ (of course you do!)

Homework: Complete the 'Alien' comprehension. 'Have a go' at all of the questions, please.

Don't forget to check that your answers begin with a proper noun, not a pronoun.

Due: Friday 8th March.