Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Year Six 'School of Start Ups' Project Evaluation

Please write your 'School of Start-Ups' project evaluation on an Evernote, using the class Evernote account.
No access to the internet? Type up your evaluation, save it on a USB or email it to Mr Hitchen, and we'll add it to the Evernote at school.
Due: Friday
Tag your Evernote: 'school of start ups', 'entrepreneur' and [your name]

Write 4-5 lines for each sub-heading.

Try to include all of the following key words:
  • Business
  • Entrepreneur (a person who starts a new business from scratch
  • Start-up (a new business started from scratch)
  • Investor
  • Customer
  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Product (the 'thing' you're selling)
  • Unit (one of the 'things' you are selling, e.g. we sold five units this month

1. What have you learnt about designing or inventing a new product?

2. What makes for a good business pitch? How good are you at pitching?

3. What have you learnt about the benefits (the 'good reasons to') start a business?

4. What have you learnt about the challenges (the 'problems') of starting a business?

5. How effectively did you work with your partner?

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