Thursday, 7 July 2011

ISI Inspection Report on The Falcons School for Girls: 'West London's Most Creative Preparatory School'

The ISI inspection team that visited Falcons Girls in May and June have published their final report - and they say:

* ‘The pupils’ overall achievement is excellent’;
* ‘The pupils’ personal development is outstanding’;
* ‘Pupils attitudes to their learning are exemplary’;
* ‘The quality of governance is excellent’;
* ‘The range of cross-curricular links is excellent’;
* ‘The quality of teaching is good, and often outstanding, and caters well for all abilities and styles of learning’;
* ‘The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent’;
* ‘Moral development is excellent’;
* ‘The pupils’ social development is excellent’;
* ‘The leadership and management of the school are excellent and fulfil the school’s aim to provide a very high standard of education’;
* ‘The school has excellent links with parents and guardians’.

Judgements on the Early Years (that is Nursery and Reception)include:
* ‘The effectiveness of the provision in meeting the needs of all children is outstanding;
* ‘The effectiveness of the leadership and management [of the EYFS] is outstanding;
* ‘The quality of the [EYFS] provision is outstanding;
* ‘Outcomes for all the children in the Early Years across all areas are outstanding.’

Well done, girls: you clearly impressed the inspectors! Click here to read the full report! And click here if you're a parent and you want your daughter to join 'West London's Most Creative Preparatory School'!

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