Friday, 9 September 2011

Year Five Weekend Homework: Planning from a picture & Building a Spy Base!

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1. In class we learnt about hand plans.

Your task is to create a colourful, neat hand plan for display in the classroom, based on one of the pictures in the hand plan pack. Make sure you include both your brainstorm and the plan itself. Remember, keep it simple!

Due: Monday

2. Spy Base
In a couple of weeks you are beginning your Spy unit. We are going to write suspense scenes set in your secret spy base. Learn more about suspense here.

Novelists often use models to help them 'picture' a location in their imagination (a bit like playing in a doll house!); I would like you to design and build a secret hq for an evil spy master!

Build a model of a secret hq. Here are some of the things you could include:

* Banks of computer screens
* A giant map of the world
* Secret doors or compartments
* Torture chamber (yuck!)
* Sharks!
* Henchmen/goons
* Evil pets
* Rockets
* Dwarf servant
* Desk
* Armchair with buttons

How you build the model is up to you! Here are some of the materials you might choose to use:
* Cardboard boxes painted over
* Sticky-back plastic
* Wood
* Paper mashed and glued
* Washing up bottles
* Model Paint

This video will give you some ideas (don't make Tracy Island, though! Just use the same techniques!)

Hint: Design the hq on paper before you start to construct it!

Be as imaginative as you can! Bring your model into when you've finished! We are going to base a series of stories in this location, so do a great job! There will be a small prize for the best model!

We'll photograph the models and stick them on the pupil wiki for the world to enjoy, and then write scenes and stories set in this location!

Due: Two weeks time.

P.S. Learn all about our suspense techniques here, or download the Bald Worm on Suspense mp3 at the 11+ revision page on the pupil wiki:

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