Monday, 14 November 2011

Molly's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I put my hand in the box and felt.

What would I feel?

Would it be a sudden sharp feeling that throbbed for days, or a nice sort of feeling, like the touch of candy floss?

My heart plunged down into darkness!

Suddenly, my hand was in the most excruciating pain I had ever come across in my life - ever.

Screaming, I tried to pull my hand out, but the thing inside wasn't letting go.

I could feel the blood trickling down.

My curiosity had got the better of me. I had been stupid! So stupid...

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Anonymous said...

scary story..... well written.

Mrs Robinson (110WC Team) said...

Hi Molly
What can I say except WOW what a wonderfully powerful 100WC. I liked how you built up the tension and made the reader wonder in anticipation what was going to happen. Great use of descriptive vocabulary. How about doing an alternative 100WC where the box contains something soft and squishy?

HannahSheltonTT said...

Wow Molly I love your 100WC! I really liked that you talked about what was to happen in one of the opening sentences, anticipating what was to come. Your writing was very dramatic, and gets the reader interested in what you are saying. It was a very mysterious story as we never know what it was that pull the hand!

Caroline said...

Wow scary story. Did you like writing this story?but I like your story!