Monday, 7 November 2011

Holly's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Holly has entered the 100 Word Challenge; this week's title was Red.

“It’s yours now...”

I stared at my hands.

A small ring lay nestled in my palms. It was so beautiful. The ring of silver was cold and the word ‘heirloom’ was engraved into it elaborately. But the most dazzling thing about my mother’s ring was that a large ruby had been set into it.

As I gazed at the gem, sun broke through the curtains, and the ruby gave off a fiery red shadow onto the walls. It glinted and I got the feeling it was winking at me.

Then I saw mother looking. Waiting for me to put it on.
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jfb57 said...

Hi Holly!
Welcome to the 100WC! This is a great piece of writing with a super twist at the end. I've been there wanting to try a ring on that belonged to my mother! I love the way you have used the prompt - very different to others. I do hope I'll see you on the 100WC again.

BTW - could you ask Mr Hitchens to tweet me or leave me a message please?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing Holly. I really enjoyed your work. Your decription of the ruby ring is brilliant and really captured my attention. I hope you keep entering the 100WC.

Sara Green