Tuesday, 29 November 2011

100 Word Challenge (Week 11)

Most of this week's entries can be found on the Quadblog - http://kidblog.org/FalconsGirls - but Katie couldn't get on, so this can be read below:

The sea was too hard to please – rocks crushed fine, golden and warm sand, yet it washed the sand away. Sun planted healthy, brown and green spiky-leaved palm trees on its bay, yet the sea, again, flooded the shore when the tide came in, it’s beautiful sapphire waves thrashing the unwanted nature. The sea seemed so angry, even when it was given popularity as tourist visitors flashed their cameras and swam until their worries were washed away. Then, again, the sea would drown them in three, powerful gulps like an annoyed lion, trying to get rid of a useless cub.

Molly'a entry is here:

I was worried - incredibly worried!

I have always wanted to look my best, as I was bullied once; I was bullied about looking horrible in our school photo. They said it was because I'm ugly and that my tightly pulled back greasy brown hair did not help my hard face. After that, I went up to my teacher to try and get some reassurance, but all he said - disinterestdly - was that I looked beautiful. Then he walked away. Since that day, I have always been camera shy.

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