Monday, 7 November 2011

Liberty's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We are taking part in the 100 Word Challenge; this week's theme is red.

Who else floats around in space?
Drifting.  Just Drifting,
Moons dance around you.
Why can't I move out of this cage of orbit?
No one can.
If I did, it  would be the end of the world, my world,
Not anyone else's.
Bumps on my surface, all a dusty red.
So far away from the sun 
Only a glimmer of warmth reaches me,
Not enough.
I used to have flowing rivers,
Now they've stopped.
I might have had life,
If I did,
It's dead now.
I'm desolate
Who wouldn't be?
If they were

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Dr. Lisa said...

You make me feel so sorry for poor little Mars. I love this take on the red theme. Well done.

rmannell said...

Congratulations for making the 100WC showcase, Liberty. This is a very impressive piece of writing.

Ross Mannell (teacher)
NSW, Australia