Friday, 25 November 2011

Flipped Classroom & The 100 Word Challenge

Well done, Year Six, for your super work in the mock examination.

A special double challenge this weekend:

Complete the 100 Word challenge for this week:
; this week I want you to post it to your Quadblogging page:

Let's see if we can get someone in next week's showcase!

P.S. Next week we're going to be commenting on the blog of Bryron Primary in Croydon:

Year Six

Year Six are going to be learning all about 'longer descriptions' next week. I want you to complete the following 'flipped classroom' work:

a. Watch the following Bald Worm video mini-guide on how to write a longer description

b. Listen to the Bald Worm podcast on writing a longer description(Why not download this and stick it on your iPod?)

c. Watch this video on figurative language (Why not learn the words, too?)

d. Complete the 'Flipped Classroom' pack:

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