Thursday, 10 November 2011

Teachmeet London Presentation: Flippin' Homework

My explanation of the 'flipped homework' model:
Flippin" Homework (mp3)

Listen to an example of how you can share the W.A.L.T./learning objective in advance of the lesson:
Example of Sharing Learning Object in Advance of Lesson (mp3)

Example of 'Flipped' homework:
You are going to 'pre-learn' for the lesson on 'questions about figurative language' next Monday!

1. Please identify the similes and metaphors; please complete the sheet!

How many did you spot? Add some similes you've heard - or your parents can remember - to our wall:

2. Musical Learning
Sing along to this rap:
Listen & Sing Along
Why not learn the words 'by heart'? [words given out in class]
(Credit: video created by Wizard101FanCom)

3. Listen before next Monday's lesson.

4. What questions do you have about similes? Add them to the wall and I'll answer them during Monday's lesson.

Four Key Tools
To flip your homework, you'll need to learn four key tools:
* YouTube or TeacherTube for uploading demonstratings;
* Audioboo or Soundcloud for uploading podcasts;
* The ShowMe iPad app for uploading whiteboard demonstrations;
* for sharing your learning intentions.

At Falcons Girls, we use the LP+ VLE, but a teacher without access to a learning platform could use Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress to flip their homework (I love the way Tumblr makes it easy to record and publish podcasts).

ShowMe demonstration

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