Monday, 14 November 2011

Anastasia's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 9)

I, Tom, put my hand in the box and felt something rough, something round like a football (at least that’s what I could tell.) Suddenly, a shoulder nudged me a cold shiver trickled down my spine. Frightened, I glanced behind but saw nothing – nothing, but heard the loud cheering which made my ears ring from the cacophony. My heart performed back flips and landed in my stomach. I began to sweat like I was competing in the Olympics; although, I was trembling. My hand was still in the box – but now there was nothing in there. In stupefied astonishment I was moving my hand in every little corner: left, right, up and down.

“Where did it vanish and how?” I thought to myself.

A creepy shadow, which was formed in the gloom beneath, kicked the ball it seemed as if it was coming towards me- I had no time to move
Was it the same ball that was in the box a moment ago?

I found myself collapsed on the soft floor spitting out blood and a filling. Googly eyed, I looked around and saw the same shadow coming towards me again.


I opened my bloodshot eyes and tried to untangle myself from the net – but I couldn’t, I was stuck to the floor like glue! I swallowed and screamed.

Then I found myself in a field with the football team.

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Rebecca_Allen said...

Anastasia, this is a lovely piece of writing. You have really thought about the structure of your story. Next time remember to try and use only 100 words because it is the 100 word challenge. I look forward to reading your next entry for the 100WC. Well done. :)