Monday, 7 November 2011

Anastasia's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We're entering the 100 Word Challenge; this week's theme is red.

Enjoy Anastasia's entry:

Once I was a tomato, sitting in a freezing fridge, fussing.

Stretching, I woke up and found myself sweating; however, I was in North Pole. Suddenly, I realised that I was no longer in the red sea of tomatoes, but sitting on a table. My seeds performed back flips and landed in my core. An enormous hand towered above me, snatched me - and placed me in the MIXER. 

I watched in stupefied astonishment as the knife sliced into me. By now I wasn’t just in half and in a mixer, but spread all across French fries.

I was ketchup!  

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1 comment:

megandouglasx said...


I really like how creative this story this, the adjectives you have used have made the 100WC very visual!
Great job!