Monday, 7 November 2011

Katie's 100 Word Challenge Entry

We are entering the 100 Word Challenge; this week's title is red.

Enjoy Katie's entry:

Men begin running away from raging lions of light. Their worried yet delighted faces gawp as the lion roars through the sky. It explodes. Red everywhere, swirls of gold, but fizzes mostly of red. A fire banging in the sky: the Kings of the Jungle angrily soaring, red explosions reaching higher and higher as their tails are lit. The bonfire is on, yellow and red flames dancing wildly as they creep towards the stuffed figure of a man with a scarlet neckerchief. 


More animals - and now flying fish, gently cracking as they jump out of the sea of red fire.

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Sally-Jayne said...

Katie, you have used some lovely descriptive language here. My favourite phrase is "yellow and red flames dancing wildly" - this is really good use of personification. Thank you for sharing this on the 100WC.

Mrs Halford said...

Hello Katie, I loved your 100WC entry. I thought your use of metaphor was excellent. This painted a vivid picture of a bonfire and the shapes made by the flames. Well done.