Thursday, 17 November 2011

Welcome to Quad 91 (Quadblogging)!

We're taking part in an international quadblogging project!
Welcome to Quad 91 (mp3)
What is quadblogging?

The Falcons School for Girls is quadblogging with three schools:
Byron Primary (Croydon, London)
Cornelia Elementary (United States)
McKeel Elementary (United States)

Year Four, Five and Six will be blogging right here, on the Bald Worm blog. There is a special wiki about this project - the Quad 91 blog - here:

Will I receive any comments?
Oh, yes! You'll receive lots of comments from the Byron, Cornelia and McKeel pupils!
The Three Golden Rules of Quadblogging (mp3)

How old are the pupils?
Your age!

Will anybody right know...mean?

No. Don't worry - the teachers in the other schools will make sure their pupils obey the three golden rules of quadblogging, and all comments will be moderated by Mr Hitchen before you'll read them.

When do we start?
Next week!

1 comment:

MEA Alpha Classes said...

Greetings from Lakeland, Florida, USA!

We are so excited to be blogging with you all this year. We are in the 4th and 5th grades. That means we are between 9 and 11 years old.

Our blog is at We have been blogging for a few months. How long have you all been blogging?

Can't wait to learn more about your school and each of you, too!

Ms. Blair, blackdragongirl, and the McKeel Elementary Academy Alpha Classes