Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dani's 100 Word Challenge Entry (Week 10)

Enjoy Dani's 100 Word Challenge Entry:

As I turned round it changed shape and I saw the furriest creature waiting right in front of me. I froze.

Teeth began to grow, as sharp as a knife. Fingernails began to grow the size of a mammal, dirty and sharp.

“What is going on?”

His eyes turned black, a midnight horror. He was yelping through the pain in his body. There was no stopping it. The Thing put his head in his hands. Dog howling it wasn’t! It is a werewolf changing right in front of me.

How could this be? I'd known this kid since the day I was born...

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Anzal said...

I think that is really cool how you said" how could this be i'd known this kid since the day i was born" but what hapend to the kid.

Miss Bowden said...

A fantastic 100WC submission Dani! Your descriptive language and use of similies is spot on. You use them thoughtfully within your writing. My favourite was 'Teeth began to grow, as sharp as a knife'. This really paints a vivid picture in your reader's imagination. You have also given the reader a fantastic ending. It has left me wanting to know more about this kid you have know all this time . Well done again Dani. I look forward to another submission soon :) .