Monday, 21 November 2011

Zahra's 100 Word Challenge Entry

Enjoy Zahra's Week 10 Entry: I turned around it changed shape...

I looked again, and there I saw it - a black haired, green-eyed creature staring at me with anger. He came forward and forward until...


I ran and ran, but he grabbed and pulled.

“AAAAHHH! Please don’t hurt me!” I ran free.

I hurried and hurried.

Suddenly, I heard a fall. It was the creature who almost killed me...and I knew that this street was haunted.


Mrs Robinson (100WC Team) said...

Hi Zahra - A wonderful interpretation of this week's 100WC phrase. Great use of adjectives that really bring your piece to life. Excellent!

HannahSheltonTT said...

A great 100WC Zahra! I really enjoyed reading this as you have used a good variety of language features. Your dramatic and mysterious ending also adds to your piece of writing. Hope to read another of your 100WC's soon!