Sunday, 13 September 2009

Year 6 Prose Style: Writing Elegant Prose

Your prose should be like Audrey Hepburn: elegant.

Task: Write an eight line of a description of a hansom cab - Sherlock Holmes' method for getting around Victorian London. Use this video, recorded in 1903, to help you:

Tick off the following as you include it in your description:
* Fragment sentence
* Impact sentence
* Compound sentence ( a sentence using the joining comma, and the word 'and', 'but' or 'or')
* Complex sentence (a sentence using the bracketing comma)

Please annotate your 'finished' work, showing me where you've used the different sentence structures.

Feeling clever? Try to include the following:
* Brackets
* A dash

Don't forget to complete the self-assessment when you've finished your work.

Feeling clever? Try to end your paragraph with an impact sentence.

Due: Wednesday

Please learn the 'para' spellings at Spelling City. Dictation test next Tuesday.

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