Sunday, 7 March 2010

Welcome to Book Week 2010!

Falcons Girls love reading! Welcome to Book Week 2010.

Today saw us recite poetry in our annual Poetry Competition.

"With a poem in your head, anything can happen. Whether you're standing at the bus-stop in the pouring rain, or lying warily in the dentist's chair, the moment you begin to conjure the words from memory, your imagination takes flight and transports you to a different place...whether you commit a whole epic to memory, a verse or two, or just a line, the presence of these words in your imagination opens up a new galaxy of possibilities.

Wherever the words take you and whatever you glimpse there, a poem remembered will change your world - and stay in your heart - for ever.'
(Laura Barber, Penguin's Poems by Heart)

Don't forget to bring your money tomorrow for the Scholastics Book Fair.

Year Five homework:
Tomorrow is our 'cian' and 'ation' spelling word test. Please complete the 'cian' and 'ation' worksheets (we'll go back to our comprehension work tomorrow)

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