Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Balloon Debate

Year Five have been learning about persuasive techniques:

To share their knowledge, they're having a balloon debate. A balloon debate is a debate in which a number of speakers attempt to win the approval of an audience. The audience is invited to imagine that the speakers are flying in a hot-air balloon which is sinking and that someone must be thrown out if everyone is not to die.

Each speaker has to make the case why they should not be thrown out of the balloon to save the remainder. Typically each participant speaks on behalf of a famous person, profession, fictional character, etc.

Who would you save? Listen to our podcasts - and then vote in our survey!

Save the Queen! (mp3)

Save Michael Jackson (mp3)

Save Lady Gaga (mp3)

Save Jessie J (mp3)

Save William the Conqueror (mp3)

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Download a free copy of the writing prompt:
Persuasive Techniques A FOREST

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