Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Flipped Classroom Homework: Continue a Passage & Friday's Homework

Tuesday's homework

1. Write a scene of suspense based on the image above; use all of our suspense techiques. Write 15 lines. You may begin like this:

I knew the man couldn't be trusted: you could tell from the way he held his newspaper. He was a crook. A criminal. A rat.

2. Flipped Classroom Homework

You must read pages 1-4 of the 'Continue a Passage' pack and watch this teacher ShowMe on how to 'Continue a Passage' before Friday's lesson:

You may like to listen to this podcast, too:

Make sure you bring the pack in for the lesson on Friday.

There is lots of advice on 'Continuing a Passage' on our LPPlus VLE here: https://alphapluscloud.lpplus.net/schools/falconsgirls/Subjects/English/Wiki/Continuing%20a%20Passage.aspx

Due: Friday 30th

Friday's homework
1. Please write a second - improved - draft of the 'Nativity' story you wrote under timed conditions in class.

2. Please complete 'The Monster's Garden' comprehension.

Due: Monday 3rd

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