Saturday, 29 May 2010

Second Annual Bald Worm Twitter Writing Competition

Bald Worm is on Twitter. Twitter is a website that lets you send messages known as ‘tweets’ of up to 140 characters in length. I want you to write a story that is exactly 140 characters in length.
• You must include punctuation
• You must use correct spelling (not ‘text speak’)

This year there are three categories:
* Pupil
* Parent
* Readers of the Bald Worm blog

Get a copy of the competition form from school/download a copy from my area at You can submit your entry in three ways:

1. Send a comment to the blog (don't forget your name!)

2. Email your entry to

3. Put a hard-copy of the form into the envelope on Mr Hitchen's classroom door.

The winners will be announced on June 30th, so get writing!

Last year, Mr Desai won the Parent category with the following entry:

'Curiosity killed the cat said the sun. Had Mr Moff thought of the phrase he wouldn't have put his egg in the microwave to see what happened.'

Remember, ‘characters’ includes all of your punctuation and the ‘space’ between words, i.e. every time you press the space bar this costs you another character.

My advice is that you have a few tries on paper, before attempting to type your entry using Word. If you look in ‘Word Count’ it will tell you how many ‘Characters (with spaces)’ you have used. Remember, your goal is to use exactly 140 to tell your story.

The following were our three pupil winners:

I ran home panting. 'Stay away from me,' I thought. Footstops dogged me. I stumbled on a brick and fell to my knees. Blood all around me...

A picture. It looked like Lucy. She touched it. She felt something brush her cheek. She smashed the picture, and, as it broke, so did she.

The window was open in my room. There were muddy footprints on the floor. My piggybank was broken! Then I realised that my money had gone...

Good luck!

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