Friday, 21 May 2010

Year Five Weekend Homework: Revision for Assessment Week

Next week is Assessment Week (and Sports Day on Friday). Your weekend homework is to get a good rest - you've got a lot of concentrating to do next week - and a little bit of revision.

1. Revising Spelling Rules
The spelling age test is not based on your weekly spelling lists, but you may like to revise some of the key rules - and common errors like 'surprise' and 'excitement'

2. Make sure you know your 'Improving Your Writing' target
Your Summer term report will include your new 'Writing Stage'. This will be based on the story you'll write under examination conditions on Tuesday.

You can revise all of the lists from this year at my area in Spelling City.

To make sure your Writing Stage has increased since the Spring report, and you've met the target you were set in the report, visit Improving Your Writing at the Falcons Girls pupil wiki, or read through the sheet stuck in the back of your blue composition book.

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