Monday, 3 October 2011

The Flipped Classroom: Preparing for Friday's lesson on Tuesday!

Year Six 'Flipped Classroom' homework
1. First, please watch the following video, which is preparing you for Friday's lesson:

2. Second, watch the video for a second time; can you spot the deliberate mistake in the example?

3. Watch this short 'showme' presentation on 'show, don't tell':

4. Third, read Bald Worm's advice on 'shown feelings' from

5. Finally, listen to the 'Bald Worm on Show, Don't Tell' & 'Bald Worm on Characterisation' podcast:

Want to go further? Listen to (and make notes) on the following Bald Worm podcast on questions about a character (our lesson next Tuesday):

Make **notes** on what you have pre-learned on the worksheet you were given in class, using this form:

Year Five ComprehensionPlease complete the 'James Bond' comprehension.

Learn Again: listen to our 'four mark answers to four mark questions' here. Here's Cia's example:
Cia's 4 mark comprehension answer using P-E by baldworm
Due: Friday.

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