Sunday, 9 October 2011

LPPlus Wiki and Survey; Year Five & Six Weekend Homework

Year Five
1. I want to know your favourite book character! Visit the Falcons School for Girls VLE to share your favourite with the rest of the class: (Falcons Girls only)

2. Please read the first two chapters of 'The Silver Sword'. Due: Tomorrow.

Due: Friday

Year Six
Thank you to your responses to the 'What is your favourite book you've read this term?' discussion on the VLE. Read the response here: (sorry - Falcons Girls only)
Please make sure you've contributed your fave book by the end of the week!

Your homework comes in two part:
1. Please complete the 'Christmas Carol' Dickens paper comprehension.

Due: Friday.

2. Bald Worm's Flipped Classroom. Please read the information on 'reported speech' and watch the following video for tomorrow (Tuesday):

3. It is the start of our Pickwick story on the wiki! Learn more by listening to this quick teacher podcast:
Pickwick Papers Wiki Challenge (mp3)

Please keep an eye on the Pickwick collaborative story wiki:

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