Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Big Bond News!

Falcons girls love Young Bond! The fourth book in the series, Hurricane Gold, is coming soon!

Waterstone's are holding a launch party at Piccardily Circus on Thursday 6th September. There will be loads of activities, gold food and a reading from Hurricane Gold by the author, Charlie Higson! Cool! Why not go along?

P.S. If you want to attend you'll need to get Mum to ask for a free ticket in advance!


Yasmin said...

Cool. I would've thought that the third book would've ended it though. Hurricane Gold. Intriguing name Nice blog by the way. I hope you know who i am. You probably will. School was really good, made lots of friends and have English tomorrow. I've had Latin, German,art and religious studies. Mr Green ( head of maths, who i believe you've dined with) is our from attachment. He takes the register, he's a nice guy. I've been lucky with teachers and seem to have got the pick of the bunch. Thanks to your intense pros and cons and ethics discussions, i was the only one in my class who could tell the religious studies teacher what ethics were. You were right:not everyone were genius's. I have a man called Dr Patrick for English. He's supposed to be very good and very nice. Hope everything at falcons is o.k. Oh yeah, did you get the letter i left on the board? Maybe someone took it down. I put it there at the start of the summer hols. Hope the new year six are doing well. Keep in touch.


Yasmin said...

Oh, i have just realised they published my name at the top.