Thursday, 16 August 2007

Year 5 and 6: Cool Descriptive Technique

In appearance, he was a series of rounds. A round face, from which sprouted a closely clipped black-and-silver beard, like a well-kept lawn; large round eyes behind round spectacles; round ears, a perfectly round button nose above a cherubic round mouth, all set upon a round body - not fat, simply round.

What a cool paragraph of description! Do you see the way the writer repeats one word - round - to build up the character description? Try repeating a word (e.g. spotty - 'he had a spotty face, and a beard spotted with flecks of grey)when you write a description of a character in one of your stories!

You can learn more about describing what a character looks like here:


Tara said...

Good technique
Im Tara from Gadolphin!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, an utterly brilliant technique. Keep them coming.