Thursday, 9 August 2007

Welcome, Bald Worm fans!

Welcome to ‘Bald Worm Squeaks to the Nation’, my English blog!

I’ll be using this blog to post homework tasks, extension activities, spelling lists, etc. It will build on and support the information at The website and blog are all part of the Falcons School for Girls commitment to using IT to support your daughter’s learning.

Please feel free to post a comment about anything connected with, this blog, or English in general.

Happy writing!

Mr Hitchen

P.S. The Grumpy Examiner says, "I hope you're all enjoying your holiday homework! Ha ha ha!" What a mean little man!


Anonymous said...


this is emelia I cant get into some or the sctions

Emelia mewton jones

Mr Hitchen said...

Bald Worm has been slaving away to fix broken links, and he thinks everything should be up and running now! Enjoy exploring the site!

Anonymous said...

I cant find the section "first fifteen lines"

mr hitchen said...

Rather than the "First Fifteen Lines", you need to look at sections 1, 2 and 3 in the Story Structure menu. Remember, think of a fantastic first line, set the scene, a bit more talking and describe one of the characters.
Happy Writing!

Anonymous said...

web has turned out great

Mr Hitchen said...

Thanks, stranger!

lemony snicket said...


I must thank you for dedicating a whole week to me here on your blog. Beatrice would have been proud...

All due respect

Lemony Snicket
( Yasmin Mannan)

another great one, eh?