Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Year 5 - World War II - Descriptive Techniques

L.O. To revise the use of the five senses, colours, light, movement detail and figuarative language to 'set the scene'

We're going to be looking at stories set in the first and second world war - stories like Michael Morpurgo's War Horse. We'll be learning to write longer descriptions, and revising the suspense and action techniques we studied in the 'Spy' unit

You can revise Bald Worm's descriptive techniques here.


1. Imagine you are in a Poppy Field. Write a 6-8 line description, combining as many of Bald Worm's descriptive techiques as you can. Feeling clever? Try to include both the listing and the joining comma.

2. Annotate your 'finished' work with a gel pen, showing me where you have used the different descriptive techniques.

Due: Thursday

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