Saturday, 15 November 2008

Year 6 - Latymer-Style Comprehension

This week we are going to focus on Latymer-style comprehensions. Latymer's comprehension paper is divided into two parts:
Understanding, with questions about the events and characters in the passage, and
Comment and Analysis, where you have to study the author's prose style.

Take this opportunity to revise the questions about prose style and an author's technique at Bald Worm's comprehension blog,

Task: Please complete the Agatha Christie Latymer-style comprehension. Not sure about one of the questions? Go onto

Download another copy of this comprehension from my 'box' at

Due: Tuesday.

Learn more about Agatha Christie here.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for box net. Now there is no chance of escaping homework!
A grateful year 6 mother

Random Person in Need of Some 11+ Preparation said...

Thanks :)