Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Year 6 Timed Writing: Redrafting

Task 1: Falcons girls know that writing is all about drafting and redrafting our work. Make sure that:
(i) You've included one or two pieces of reported speech;
(ii) You include lots of 'shown feelings'

Task: Please redraft your 'Orphan' story.

Due: Monday.

Task 2: Next week we have Spelling and Reading Age tests; next Friday will be your first mock exam day, with tests in English comprehension, English composition, Mathematics and Reasoning. We'll sit these tests in the hall...and complete all four before lunch. You'll receive your results in the Year Six Autumn term report.

Please prepare for these assessments by (i) revising key skills at Bald Worm and by watching the Bald Worm mini-guides at Falconstube and (ii) revising our spelling rules at my area in Spelling City.

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