Friday, 2 November 2007

Year 6 - Continuing a Passage

Your homework comes in three parts.

1. Please read again the information about 'continuing a passage'. Click here. We'll be doing a 'continuing the passage' story next Friday, and we won't have to time to go through all the questions again, so make sure you know what to do!

2. Redraft the 'Barnaby Grimes' continuation you wrote last in class. (Oh, and if you want to play the fab highstaking game? Click here.) You must include a character description. Revise character descriptions by clicking here.

Feeling clever? It won't surprise you to learn that I want you to include the three different comma types we've been studying (listing, joining and adverb starter). See if you can include them in the first 15 lines. You should also include a bracket.

Feeling really clever? Try and echo Paul Stewart's style. Think about how you can make your writing seem like a piece of Victorian fiction.

3. Complete paper 6 in your (green) Verbal reasoning book. We'll go through the answers together next week.

Want more? There are two optional tasks to prepare for our work next week. You may want to watch this video to prepare for our work on semi-colons:

VideoJug: How To Use Colons And Semi-Colons

Anyone who includes colons and semi-colons in their writing is going to be a superstar!

We are going to be studying Victorian fashion (this will help us make our Victorian stories more vivid). Google 'Victorian fashion' and see what you can find! Bring in any pictures or information on Monday for our History lesson.

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Barnaby Grimes is really good.