Monday, 5 November 2007

Year 6 - Introducing Bracketing Commas

Write half-a-page on the topic 'Why I Wouldn't Want to Dress Like a Victorian'

Your challenge is to include the following commas:

An adverb comma
A joining comma
A listing comma
A bracketing comma

Take your time, as there isn't much to write, and think hard about your use of the comma. You may find it helpful to reread the 'bracketing comma' pack before you begin.

Use a gel pen or highlighter to shown me where you have used the different commas, i.e. draw an arrow and write 'bracketing comma' in the margin.

Feeling clever? Try to include a semi-colon.

VideoJug: How To Use Colons And Semi-Colons


Anonymous said...

videojug has the most, weirdest, freekiest but humaninly listnable commentator thingy.
lucy m

Anonymous said...

this is very,very.very,very,very

sophie b