Sunday, 15 November 2009

11+ Comprehension Year 5 and 6 November 16th 2009

Click on my P-E-E prezi whenever you need to revise the key skill of P-E-Eing all over the page!
(The Prezi above is an example of using technology - in this case, a cool PowerPoint - to help learners remember key skills. )

Year Five
Please complete the D-Day comprehension, paying particular attention to the questions about the author's use of similes. Use this simile prezi to help:

Due: Wednesday

P.S. Don't forget the spelling test tomorrow, and you need to have learnt the words to the comma song, too!

Year Six
Please complete the Latymer-style 'Body in the Library' paper. Remember to be specific when discussing the 'type of sentences' the author uses.

Due: Wednesday

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