Monday, 9 November 2009

Falcons Girls Love Spelling City!

Year Five
1. Please learn 'by heart' the words to the comma song. Don't forget to you can listen to it at our pupil wiki!

2. Please learn the 'words beginning in 'bi' spellings for our test next Tuesday. Click here to learn at Spelling City.

Year Six
1. Please learn by heart the words to our semi-colon song:

There was a semicolon: a comma and a dot;
he separated clauses that were independent thoughts.
An independent clause is one completed thought,
and two are separated with a comma and a dot.

Example one:
Ron hit John in the face; (semicolon)
consequently, John's face is blue and swollen.
Are you gettin' a clue?
Well, here's example two:
Ron says basketball is his favourite sport;
amazingly, he's really good for being so short.

Between the two clauses, in case you forgot,
is Mr. Semicolon; yep, a comma and a dot.
Mr. Semicolon is also used between
a bunch of items listed that have commas in those things.

We're going to record this as a video later in the week! Listen to our class audioboo:

2. Please learn the 'words that begin with 'sus' spellings for our test next Tuesday!

P.S. Listen to a funky Nigerian semi-colon song here.

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