Thursday, 19 November 2009

Year 6 Latymer Upper-style Comprehension Paper: Trapped

This week we have been looking at answering Latymer Upper-style questions about the different types of sentences/words used in the passage.

Weekend homework: Please complete the 'Trapped' comprehension. We'll go through this on Monday.

P.S. Good luck to those girls sitting the St. Paul's pre-test (which does not count towards the final mark this year) on Monday! Break a leg!

Not a Falcons girl? Oh, bad luck! Download a copy of my Latymer Upper-style comprehension from here. Contact Falcons Girls on 020 8992 5189 to learn more about West London's Most Creative Preparatory School (in our humble opinion)!

(Image by seanmcgrath; used under Creative Commons agreement)

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