Monday, 15 October 2007

Big News part 2 - The Bald Worm Comprehension Podcast!

(Fanfare sounds!) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Falcons School for Girls is proud to announce the first FSG podcast!

A podcast is a radio show you can listen to on your computer, or download onto your ipod via itunes.

Click on the podcast link in the side bar to enjoy the first episode of Bald Worm's 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Comprehension!' - then leave a comment on the blog!


006 said...

WOW Mr H i loved that!!!! it was fab but i think the grumpy examiner might need some throat sweets. Can't wait 4 the next one 2 come out. Great idea hurry up with the next 1.
Naomi 006

Yasmin said...

Nicely done, but why is there a picture of George Clooney?

Mrs Mannan said...

This is SUPERB!

Meryl Streep said...

Dear George

It was great to see you branching out into these character parts. I think you deserve an oscar for the teacher - the grumpy examiner guy was very believable too. Well done.

Stella said...

Why do you have pictures of cats? I liked your podcast. What can I do to improve my comprehension?

Anonymous said...

Mr H
Love the podcast but,can you put Hermione Granger on it next time instead of George Clooney. We'd love to see more. The Grumpy Examiner sounds like the childcatcher from chitty-chitty bang-bang (simile)
from troubles Lily and Hermione ( on holiday)
p.s. Are you impresed that we used a simile ,comma and brackets.

The name's Bradley, Emma Bradley said...

Extremely well produced, but I thought you were an English teacher not George Clooney. Mr Paw is looking good!