Sunday, 28 October 2007

Invasion Plan from 1805!

This is a drawing depicting France invading England, created in 1805 (that's over two hundred years ago). What a brilliant piece of imaginative drawing! Can you see how the artist thought France could sneak past the English Navy?

Drawing and doodling is a great way to plan imaginative stories. You can learn more in the 'journals' section at

FUN TASK: Create your own 'invasion plan'!

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Yasmin said...

I am writing to inform you that the whole of MI6 is aware that you have been doing secret work with a Mr Farhan Mannan, A.K.A, The Fish. Finding you working with him has had an effect on me that would be described with an understatement of shock horror. I am coming in to base to discuss this embarrassing matter with you on the 29th of November.

James Bond

( Yasmin Mannan)