Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Fun Stuff!

Year Six loved the Dogtanian & Three Muskahounds video (not!), so here is a special treat, all the way from the 1980s (when there were no iPods, mobile phones were the size of bricks and the Falcons didn't even exist!):


Anonymous said...

that is the lamest thing i have ever seen in my life!!!


Yasmin said...

Check out are on it!

Yasmin said...

to be precise

Anonymous said...

Well I thought it was really funny.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Mr Hitchen, you've finally found a good cartoon.
Emma B

Kitty Kat 101 said...

God, Mr h, how can u actually like that stuff? That's the lamest thing in the world. Here are the five worst things ever!

1. THIS!
2. Doggina,
3. Thomas the tank engine,
4. Angellina ballerina
5. Long descriptions!!!!!!!


Yasmin said...

I thought it was fairly amusing...

Anonymous said...

Cool cartoon Mr H, I can imagine you watching this cartoon! I mean it is quite weird but very amusing at the same time!

Lucy B