Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Year Five Recounts

You are going to write a recount of your trip to Flatford Mill

When writing recounts you should:
• Focus on individuals ie use the words, I or we
• Use words which indicate when (eg after lunch) and where the events took place (eg in the shed)
• Write in the past tense eg had, visited
• Use action words eg helped

Write five paragraphs:
1. Orientation (the introduction)
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday
5. Conclusion – did you enjoy it?

Here's an example introduction:

Last Monday saw the famous Year Five from the Falcons School for Girls set off on their second residential trip in six months, to Flatford Mill. We loaded our heaving cases onto the coach (mine was so big that Miss Spurling said it looked like I had packed for a month), and set off on the long journey. I was sat by Hermione, who spent the entire journey trying to have a go on my PSP.

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