Sunday, 14 October 2007

Big News!

Mrs Mannan has created her own science blog! Visit by clicking on the link in the blog roll. You'll find useful links, videos and science facts.

Don't forget to leave a comment for Mrs Mannan, thanking her for creating a brilliant site that I know will help encourage your love of Science.


Mrs Mannan said...

Mr Hitchen, I hope that you are not implying that I look anything like this mad scientist you have posted on your blog.
Thanks for your positive feedback. If my site can be half as cool as your I will be delighted.
Mrs Mannan

Yasmin said...

Yeah I agree, Mrs Mannan is the best science teacher in the world (...). Wait till I tell you about the Chemistry teacher Mr Wardrop... He can pour red wine into water!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr H

Were you suggesting with your pictorial representation that there is a Jekyl and Hyde thing going on with Mrs Mannan?