Thursday, 25 October 2007

Podcast Episode 2 now online!

Ever wondered how Miss Granger got so clever? J.K Rowling has revealed that, "Hermione was a devote of Bald Worm's comprehension podcasts! She'd actually struggled in spells comprehension lessions until Bald Worm told her how useful it was to annotate her work. Once she'd listened to the podcast a few times there was no stopping her!"

The second of Bald Worm's 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Comprehension' podcasts is now avaliable to download from the podcast site (just click on the link on the side bar to be taken straight to the site)! This week you can learn all about how to annotate an 11+ comprehension passage.

You can listen to the podcast on the site by clicking on the grey 'play' button, or subscribe via itunes (just click on the purple 'subscribe' button, and it will be downloaded directly into your itunes 'podcasts' folder), and listen on your ipod!


005 (Emma Bradley) said...

Mr Hitchen, I thought you were going to act as Hermione Granger this time not Johnny Depp.
Emma B many times are you going to change your act?
p.s.2. Was the grumpy examiner in Madrid?

KK2387 said...

Miss Granger must love Baldworm, the star of time along with Mr H!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr H,
Which pantomime is the grumpy examiner appearing in this xmas because i would like to book tickets?