Thursday, 13 September 2007

Year 5 Creative Writing - September 14th

L.O. To include shown feelings within a story

Last week you wrote about two pilots stranded deep in Nazi Germany. You focused on using 'shown feelings' to make your readers care about your characters.

In our reading session we enjoyed the opening of The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier, the story about how the Balicki family are torn apart by the Germans from their home in Warsaw, Poland, in 1940, and how they succeed in reuniting themselves in Switzerland at the end of the war.

In the extract, we saw how Joseph Balicki was sent to a prison camp for turning a picture of Hitler so it faced the wall - luckily, he manages to escape from his Nazi prison.

You are going to write a story entitled 'The Escape', based on the video I shot this summer in the famous Alcatraz prison. Watch carefully. How would you escape from a cell like this?

In class we brainstormed some ideas. Write up the story for homework, focussing on including shown feelings. Need to revise what I mean by 'shown feelings'? Then click here.

(The Escape is a title that comes up time and again in 11+ exams. Click here for some more titles you can expect to come across.)

Feeling clever? Try giving a guard in your story a distinctive voice. Learn more by clicking here.


sebastian said...

Dear Mr H

I am extremely concerned about the content of your holiday video and the gloomy voice over. Holidays should be full of ice cream, sandcastles and candy floss. I did not notice any of these things in your depressing video. You need a good holiday at blackpool with donkey rides to dispel all this nonsense about being in a prison cell. I recommend some throat lozenges for the voice over.

From ex-pupil NO

Lemony Snicket said...

Dear me sir, I hope that was just a small majority of your holiday. That prison scars your mind, I should know having been locked up there myself. Decent camera work. With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

( Yasmin Mannan)
Pretty convincing, eh?