Thursday, 6 September 2007

Year Six Weekend Homework

Your weekend homework is as follows:

1. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check your spellings ready for our test next week. Try some of the other spelling strategies in the post below if you're finding some of the words tricky.

2. Rewrite your 'Uninvited Guest' story from Timed Writing. Please click here to read about how to rewrite before you start! Remember, rewriting is about improving a story, not just copying out again!

Remember that in an exam your stories will quite possibly be marked by someone who looks like the woman in the picture above! She may make a judgement based on her overall impression, but some older teachers might work differently, allocating 20% of marks for spelling, 105 for handwriting, etc. (I think this is wrong - Shakespeare had terrible handwriting, and was 'well dodgy' at spelling', but he was still a genius - but I won't be marking your exam paper). These Grumpy Examiners would be looking at the following areas:

Content (Is the story fun or moving? Is the plot simple? Is is based around conflict? Is there an exciting opening and a dramatic conclusion?)
Style (Have you included description, dialogue and lots of shown feelings?)
Spelling and vocabulary (Did you use imaginative adjectives and powerful verbs?)
Punctuation and Grammar (Did you use any commas? Any brackets? Did you use the apostrophe correctly?)
Relevance to the title(You can learn about relevance by clicking here)

Remember that the most important thing is to write an exciting story, full of shown feelings. Do your best with everything else, and you're sure to impress!

Enjoy redrafting your 'Uninivited Guest' story, and if you have time click here to learn all about 'getting ideas', which we'll be revising on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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