Thursday, 6 September 2007

Year Five Fiction Homework

L.O. To revise the use of shown feelings alongside dialogue

In class we revised shown feelings, using our drama skills to demonstrate how our character's are feeling.

For homework, you are going to write a discussion (a dialogue - direct speech with shown feelings, not a story with description. Click here to learn more about dialogue) between two WWII Allied pilots who have crashed, and find themselves lost in Nazi Germany!

Watch this video to see the planes they were flying:

(Not essential, but if you are interested to know more click here to be led to an animation on a BBC site which tells you all about the battle in the skies during WWII.)

Before you start writing, you must click here and revise shown feelings!

Write about 3/4 of a side. Think about what pilots would say to one another, and show how they're feeling. Hint: why not make one of your pilots a little braver than his friend?

Clever-clogs: Include some thoughts that contrast with what your characters are saying. Click here to learn about contrasting thoughts.

Oh, and don't forget to indent your direct speech, and punctuate it carefully.

Enjoy your writing! We'll share our dialogues on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

The Young Bond party was fun. Charlie Higson says hello. He thinks Bond is a rubbish spy and I ate some gold cakes.
Emma B

Anonymous said...

I really like the blog and getting my homework this way. But i just don't like homework!
hermione grainger
PS although the real hermione would like homework

James Bond said...

Pardon!! "Bond is a rubbish spy"

I thought i was fairly popular amongst the public...

I will be avenged...