Sunday, 9 September 2007

Year Six Non-fiction Homework - Wednesday

We are going to working on discursive writing - an essay where you discuss both sides of an argument (an essay where you present a sinlge point-of-view is a persuasive essay).

In class, we looked at both sides of the question 'Should children be allowed to carry mobile phones?' In the discursive essay you are expected to give a balanced view before coming to a conclusion that generally supports on side or the other. So after you have done your introduction you should proceed to give your reasons in support, i.e. reasons why children should have mobile phones. Generally you would give two or three reasons. Then you would consider arguments supporting the other side, using phrases such as ‘however, a contrary view is that… some people would argue that’

The structure of these essays looks like this:

1. Introduction - What are you discussing?
2. Pros- What are the arguments 'for' mobile phones/school uniforms/early bedtimes, etc?
3. Cons - What are the arguments against?
(4. Feeling clever? You can plan a fourth paragraph where you give counter-arguments)
5. Conclusion - what do you think?

Your task is to write three full plans. Remember to brainstorm some ideas first before you begin to plan.Plan carefully, because we'll start to write up one of these essays next week

Plan any three of the following questions:

1. Children should not be forced to wear school uniform. Discuss
2. 'Zoos are cruel' - discuss
3. What are the pros and cons of single-sex education?
4. The Pros and Cons of Compulsory School Homework
5. 'Girls are better than boys.' Discuss.

Fun stuff - whatever you do, don't make your argument resemble this one:

P.S. Don't forget we've got our spelling test tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This video is rubbish!
year 6 student

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hahahhaha who sent that??

yasmin Yr 6

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You're right Yaz, i wanna no who anonymous is.

gypsy kid said...

it's nice to see that mr hitchen is winning the respect of his pupils...