Thursday, 20 September 2007

Year Six Weekend Homework (22nd-23rd September)

Don't the weeks just fly by, eh? There are two parts to your weekend homework:

1. Complete paper two in your verbal reasoning book. Who can get 100%? Don't worry if any of the questions baffle you - we'll discuss all the 'tricky ones' next week!

2. Finish your 'Based on a picture story'. You must write 1 1/2 sides - and please make sure you've 'set the scene' at the beginning of the story. Use the five senses, colours, light and figurative language. Click here to learn more about writing a description of a location in a story.

Have a great weekend - oh, and you may be interested to know that William Nicholson (the 'Wind on Fire' series) and Garth Nix (author of the 'Old Kingdom' series) will be at Waterstones in Piccardilly on Saturday from 1-2.30 p.m.

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